Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentines Day gift

Here are two variations of the same traditional romantic Valentines Day gift. One costs very little, the other can cost as much as you want.  Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive, many times it’s simply the idea that our other half took the time to plan it all that makes it so wonderful and special.

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Romantic Dinner Date – Very Inexpensive but Very Thoughtful!!!

  1. Plan to cook her/his favorite meal.  Scour the internet for recipes if you need to but DEFINITELY try them out first!
  2. Arrange for a babysitter if needed. If you don’t have an available trustworthy friend or relative who can babysit for you/her/him, try checking the weekly bulletin from your house of worship, library bulletin boards, bulletin boards at preschools, dance schools, and ice skating rinks, and even the classified section of the newspaper to try to find a sitter.  If you don’t have cash for a sitter, perhaps you have a skill you could trade for babysitting services.  You might give the sitter a free oil change in exchange for babysitting services, or if you are a photographer you could provide professional photos, or maybe just clean the potential sitter’s car inside and out.

Add on Ideas

  • Speaking of cleaning cars, you could clean your significant other’s vehicle top to bottom and possibly finish it off with their favorite scented air freshener. This is a Valentines Day gift in itself!
  • Make a CD of her/his favorite songs to play during dinner. (Don’t forget to test the CD and test the sound system ahead of time)  Then give the CD as a gift.
  • Write a poem or letter letting your significant other know how you feel.  Write it by hand or use a fancy font on the computer then print it on special parchment paper.  You could also just write it in a card and present it at dinner.

Romantic Dinner Date – When Money is No Object

  1. Make reservations at her/his favorite restaurant (of course).
  2. Arrange for a babysitter if needed. If you don’t already have one, get her/him a membership to a babysitting service but use it to hire a babysitter for your special date night first.  It will be a gift that might actually be appreciated even more if it has been used before it’s received!

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Add on Ideas

  • Hire a limo or sedan to pick you both up and drop you off.
  • If there is a band or music at the restaurant, plan ahead to have them play her/his favorite song or a make a dedication.
  • Surprise her/him with a special token or gift at the end of the evening.

Sure this second Valentines Day gift idea is nothing new.  But, purchasing a membership to a babysitting service and then using it to book a sitter for the night, is!

Feel free to leave your own idea for a special gift in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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