Nanny Share

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Nanny Sharing – Get Professional Nanny Service for Half the Price!

Though it is not a new concept, not everyone has heard of a Nanny Share. Nanny sharing is exactly what it sounds like. When two families would like to employ a nanny to take care of their children, but can’t afford it alone, splitting the cost and sharing the nanny’s services with another family can be the perfect solution!

Benefits to a nanny share are:

  • Children get more individual attention than at most daycare facilities.
  • Children are cared for in the comfort of their own home or at a friend’s home.
  • Nannies typically provide light housekeeping and sometimes start dinner.
  • Children are exposed to less germs than when they attend a daycare facility simply because they come in contact with less children.
  • Usually there are no late fees as there are at many daycare facilities if parents get held up at work or caught in traffic.

A nanny share can work extremely well when both sets of parents involved share the same ideas about homework, snacks, TV viewing, etc. But, there are also some negative aspects of a nanny share.

  • Both families need to have similar work schedules as far as starting and finishing so that the nanny is caring for the children of both families during the same hours.
  • Families also need to coordinate vacations unless it is in the contract that the nanny gets paid a salary no matter if she or the families take vacation.
  • If you are nanny sharing and the nanny gets sick, there probably isn’t any back up unless she belongs to a nanny agency or nanny service that provides back up or temporary nannies.
  • There may be issues with homeowners insurance by having someone else’s children being cared for by a paid child care provider in your home if the child gets injured.
  • If one family decides to leave the nanny share arrangement, it leaves the remaining family to pay the nanny’s entire weekly salary themselves.

Another form of a nanny share is when two or three families only need a part time nanny. For example, if the father works full time, and the mom only works a couple of days per week, but they would like to have nanny care as opposed to using a day care center, they can share a nanny with one or two other families that are in the same situation. This way, each family receives professional private nanny care a couple of days a week, but the nanny receives full time pay when she combines the payments from each family.

Nanny sharing can be a fabulous way to get private or semi-private childcare at an affordable price. Whether you find your nanny through a nanny agency or not, you should ask for at least 3 references and check them all. As I always say…. Keep your standards high – your children are worth it!

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