Moms, You CAN Work from Home!

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

How do I know these are Legit Work From Home Opportunities? I have done some of them myself and my friends have done the others!

Have you ever wished you could work from home, whether it was to be home with your family, to end commuting, or just to be able to work in your pajamas? If you have, one of the legitimate work from home opportunities listed on this page just may make that wish come true! Check out the information and links below to learn how to make money from home and to decide if any of these home based business ideas may be right for you. Who knows, you just may find yourself commuting to work via your living room very soon!

Interested in doing Data Entry, Mass Mailings, Administrative Support, Graphic Design, Illustration, Article legit work at home business Writing, Legal Research, Bookkeeping, Transcription…

Sign up at Upwork and search over 30,000 jobs today. You can do freelance work from home if you can do data entry, illustrate, write articles, build web sites, do graphic design, computer programming, provide administrative support, do legal research, do mass mailings, translate French or Spanish,… The list goes on and on. If you really want or need to work from home, you have got to visit Upwork now by clicking on the link above. It is an online workplace where thousands of businesses small and large hire freelance professionals on demand.

This is a home based business that is very simple to use and you can do what you love right from your own home. There are thousands of projects posted to bid on in many different categories. Search the site, look for the type of work you would be interested in doing, then check out the projects posted under that category. See if Upwork is right for you today!

I know this is a legit work from home business because I’ve hired freelance professionals through Upwork myself! As a matter of fact, an Upwork professional designed the logo for!

Family daycareFamily Daycare or Babysitting

If you’ve got children of your own and would like to work from home to spend more time with them, then one of the best legitimate work from home jobs for you may be starting a family daycare in your home! Even if you don’t have children of your own, this is still a wonderful work from home opportunity.

Every year more and more families decide to become a two-income household and the need for quality child care continues to grow. There are many benefits to running a daycare in your home as a home based business. Aside from tax write-offs, you obviously have no commute or dress code. Also, you are your own boss, your children have other children to play with, you get paid vacations (which doesn’t happen with many legitimate work from home jobs) and best of all you get to spend those precious years with your own children and witness them reaching important milestones firsthand. Get more information on starting your own home based child care business now!

This is another legit work from home opportunity. I know because I did it when my first child was born.

If you don’t think you can handle running a daycare in your home, maybe you should consider babysitting. Babysitting is a lot more lucrative these days than it was 30 years ago. Depending on where you live, you could make between $8-$25 per hour. Check out and get connected to families in your area looking to hire sitters and nannies. It’s FREE to join! Give it a try. Post a profile and start finding babysitting positions right away!

I am currently a babysitter working both privately and for a babysitting referral service, so I know this one is a legitimate home based business as well.


Another fabulous home based business idea is a catering business! Do you like to cook? You could do anything from small business luncheons for six to eight people, to celebrations for thirty people or more. Find out what’s required and exactly what it takes to own and operate your own home based catering business. Check out the details, it’s probably a lot easier than you think!

Catering doesn’t just mean making food for parties. You could have a catering business/canteen truck. Canteen trucks often have almost guaranteed business if they can find an office park or construction site where there aren’t many places to eat. How much would it cost you to bake a cake, $3.00, $5.00? How many slices can you get out of one cake? If you can get 12 slices out of one cake and sell them for $1.00 per slice, you already made 200%-300% profit! Just imagine how much you would make selling a sandwich, bag of chips, beverage, and a dessert! Check it out today!

pet sitter walking dogPet Sitting, Doggie Daycare, or Dog Walking

Another great choice on the list of great work from home opportunities for moms is pet sitting. So many people feel that their pets are part of the family, and many even consider them one of their children. Because of this tremendous love of their furry friends (or scaly, or feathered, etc.) they prefer to hire a pet sitter than to put their pet in a kennel when they travel. For more information on this enjoyable, rewarding, and lucrative business check out “How to Make $250 a Day Pet Sitting!”

If you have a large fenced in backyard, perhaps you would be interested in starting a Doggie Daycare! If so, take a peek at “How to Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is.”

I have several friends who use doggie daycares. They pay approximately $20 per day and send their dogs there 2 or 3 times per week! Multiply that by 5-10 dogs!

Even dog walking is on the list of legitimate work from home jobs! Maybe that would appeal to you.

Baking and Selling Dog Treatsbaking dog treats

Baking simple treats for our canine friends can earn you more than a simple income! If you are an animal lover and would like to make money at home doing something fun, this could be the work from home opportunity you’ve been searching for. Along with information on how to start and run this simple home based business, you will receive information on what the best treats are to bake and sell, mistakes of new pet treat bakers, and what deadly human ingredients to avoid. To find out how to make money at home baking and selling dog treats check out this easy to understand information now!

House Cleaning or Office Cleaninghouse cleaner working from home

Maybe you could open your own office cleaning business. There’s no special education needed and it doesn’t matter where you live. Make your own hours, be your own boss, and who knows how many employees you could have working for you. This home based business is perfect for moms who would prefer to work at night while their children are sleeping and Daddy’s home.

If you need to wait until your husband returns home from work so that you can head out, this may be what you are looking for. Most offices need to be cleaned after regular working hours anyway so that vacuum cleaners don’t disrupt the office personnel. To learn how Sam Rodman says he made $50,000 a year cleaning offices part time and to learn his secrets to success, follow the link above.

Check out the Suze and Ev Cleaning Business Method to see if you prefer their method.

Perhaps you don’t want to clean offices and you would prefer to clean houses. If this is more your idea of a perfect home based business, then take a look at Start & Run a Home Cleaning Business by Susan Bewsey. I know a few different people who clean houses for cash. They don’t have employees, they are each just “a one man show,” and they love it.

Here’s a great kit by Adriana Ross for starting a Home Cleaning Business. Check it out! Start a Cleaning Business – Immediate Results Kit

Tutoringtutor helping with homework

Another work from home idea is tutoring. This is another one that I haven’t tried, but I have used. There are thousands of people who work as tutors. Some are retired teachers, some are currently employed as teachers, some are college students, some are high school students, and others are just people like you and me who want a legitimate work from home job. Most of the top online babysitting services also have petsitters, housekeepers and tutors available on their sites. These would be good places to set up a profile to advertise your services. Depending on your level of education and/or experience, you could make about $15 – $45 per half hour!

You could also make flyers to hang at the library and advertise in your local newspaper. Tutoring is not a seasonal job. Tutors are in demand all year round! Students can come to your home, you could go to their home, or you could meet at a neutral location like a library. Many libraries even have meeting rooms or small study rooms that when booked in advanced,can be used for free.

work from home business gardeningGardening

Some of us are very good at gardening, and some of us just aren’t! If you do it as a hobby, you may not realize that this is a skill that could make you some money. Even though some people may be skilled at gardening and may love to do it, they may just not have the time. You don’t need to be a landscape artist to do some gardening for people. Make a brochure telling potential clients what it is you can do for them and your rates. Offer to give a free consultation if you see a yard/lawn that isn’t quite kept up. You could even give general estimates for a particular size flower bed. Maybe you could even use grow-lights and grow some flowers or plants in a spare room or basement to sell or plant in the warmer months. There is definitely potential for a great home business here.

For even more ideas check out My Mommy Biz now!