Baby Won't Stop Crying

Baby won't stop crying
baby won't stop crying

It is frustrating enough for the parents when an infant won’t stop crying, so for a babysitter with far less experience, it can actually bring her to tears.  If you are a babysitter, nanny, or other childcare provider who often cares for infants, or even if you are a new parent, here are some ideas to try if the baby won't stop crying:

When dealing with a crying baby, remember to try to “keep your cool.” Babies can often sense when you are upset or stressed which can make the baby cry even more. Keep trying the suggestions above until the baby stops crying or the parents come home!  NEVER shake a baby. 

If you find yourself getting really upset, frustrated, and angry because the baby won't stop crying and you’ve tried all the suggestions above, then try putting the baby in her crib where she is safe and step out of the room for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths and think about all the things you've tried to be sure you haven't missed anything.

If you haven't tried a bottle because you felt it was too soon and the baby is still crying, try the bottle anyway. I have had babies take their bottle up to an hour earlier than the mom predicted. Most babies won't always be on an exact schedule for eating. If they ate a little more at their last feeding then they might not eat again for a while past their next scheduled feeding and if they didn't eat enough then they may be hungry sooner.

If all else fails give the parents a call. They may be able to give you other suggestions over the phone if they know something in particular that usually quiets their baby or makes him happy. If you are unable to soothe the crying baby, you may ask the parents to come home as a last resort. But, often times the baby will quiet down by the time the parents get there depending on how far away they are.

Here are some helpful ideas for babysitters and parents too on how to stop a baby from crying.

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