Creative Childcare Solutions

creative childcare solutions

Creative Childcare Solutions

If a typical nanny or babysitter isn’t right for your family or just simply isn’t within your budget, here are several different creative childcare solutions.  Click on each link below to get full details so you can decide which option best fits your needs.

Babysitting Cooperative –

Babysitting Co-ops – How to Get Child Care Without Spending a Dime!

What other options do you have if you are either having a hard time finding a qualified sitter, you can’t afford an agency, or maybe the cost of a sitter in your area is so much that you don’t go out very often?  Have you ever heard of a Babysitting Co-operative?  read more…

Family Daycare –

Why Choose a Family Daycare Provider to Care for Your Child?

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional daycare centers but can’t afford a nanny, and hosting an au-pair isn’t right for your family, try looking into a family daycare or home day care. A family day care is a daycare that is run in the provider’s home and she often cares for her client’s children along with her own.  read more…

Nanny Sharing –

Get Professional Nanny Service for Half the Price!

Though it is not a new concept, not everyone has heard of a Nanny Share. Nanny sharing is exactly what it sounds like. When two families would like to employ a nanny to take care of their children, but can’t afford it alone, splitting the cost and sharing the nanny’s services with another family can be the perfect solution!  read more…

Au-Pairs –

What is an au pair, and could this be the best choice for your family?

One of our creative childcare solutions is to hire an au-pair. An au pair (or aupair) is a child care provider much like a nanny or babysitter, but she or he is usually from a foreign country and lives with the host family for a time period of approximately one year.  This is one definition, but aupairs can also just be a live in nanny.  Aupairs receive a small weekly stipend in addition to free room and board for caring for the children up to 45 hours per week.  read more…

Trading Child care –

Trading Child Care, would your schedule allow for this “free” option?

Trading child care services can be a huge money saver for families needing child care but who can’t afford a daycare center or private nanny. It can be a formal agreement with rules and a point system like a babysitting cooperative has, or it can be as informal as a couple of friends alternating caring for each other’s children.  read more…

Mother’s Helper –

Do you work from home?

If you have the opportunity to work from home but can’t possibly watch your kids at the same time, you might want to consider a “mother’s helper.”  This option is a great idea if you are able to make your own hours so your helper is available when you need to work.  A mother’s helper is typically a young or new babysitter who plays with the children and looks after them in your home while you are there as well working or doing a project.  The benefit here is that because you’re actually home and the mother’s helper is inexperienced, she only gets paid about half the going rate that regular experienced babysitters are paid.  This option works best if you only work part time hours and you work from home.

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