Cell Phones for Kids

cell phones for kids

Cell Phones for Kids

Why buying cell phones for kids can be a good idea

People often debate whether cell phones for kids are necessary. Before buying a cell phone for your child, check out the advantages as well as the disadvantages listed in the article below.

Some say kids and cell phones are a bad combination. They believe cell phones are just another avenue for pedophiles to access children. But, others see the benefit in having a direct connection to their child at any moment.

Let us review the pros and cons of kids with cell phones. First, we will take a look at the benefits and advantages of cell phones for kids.

  • The most important advantage to kids having cell phones is not only would you have a direct connection to your kids at all times, but they would have a direct connection to you! On the rare occasion that baseball practice ended early or power was lost at the dance school, your children could call you to get picked up. A quick text or call from the school bus can let you know that your child is fine but the bus has a flat tire, so he or she will be a little late getting home.
  • Cell phones with GPS for older teens helps you know where your children are at all times.
  • Many cell phones have calendars in them so kids can keep track of their activities and classes. No need to ask Mom if baseball practice is on Thursday this week!
  • The phone alarm is great for reminding kids of when it is time to get their uniforms on for hockey practice, when to start packing up at the library because Dad will be there in five minutes to pick her up, or even as a reminder to feed the dog!
  • Children who tend to have separation anxiety or get homesick, may be comforted by the fact that you are just a phone call away no matter where they are.

Along with the advantages of cell phones for kids, are the disadvantages. Here is a list of some of the drawbacks to giving kids cell phones.

  • Cell phones can be expensive. Children may not be able to estimate how many texts they have sent or how many minutes they are using while talking on their cell phones. This leaves the parents left to pay the outrageous bills.
  • Like the internet exposing your child to possible “cyber-bullying,” a cell phone can expose him or her to bullying via text or cell phone calls.
  • A child may be more likely than an adult to break or lose a cell phone and replacement charges can be quite costly.
  • Older children and young teens may be tempted to engage in such negative behaviors as prank calling or “sexting.”

Buying your child a “pay as you go” cell phone may eliminate some of these disadvantages. Consider all the pros and cons of kids with cell phones prior to deciding whether or not you feel a cell phone is right for your child.

If you decide purchasing a cell phone for your child is the right decision for your family, compare cell phones and cell phone plans before making your purchase. If you choose a traditional plan, monitor the account closely to prevent enormous bills due to calling or texting beyond the plan’s limits. Also, most major carriers offer some form of parental controls. Check with your carrier to see which options they offer.

There is no right or wrong decision regarding whether children should have cell phones or not. Each family’s needs, thoughts, and opinions are unique. Therefore, each family’s decision on whether or not their children should have a cell phone, is what is right for them.

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*Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net