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Get Kids to Read

work from home tutoring, get kids to read

Just the other day, I received an email from a babysitter asking for help on how to get kids to read. She said she had been hired as a summer nanny for an eight year old boy named Jacob.  The

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Valentines Day gift

Here are two variations of the same traditional romantic Valentines Day gift. One costs very little, the other can cost as much as you want.  Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive, many times it’s simply the idea that our

Entertaining Little Kids

Entertaining little kids

Dear Babysitting Lady – Entertaining Kids You don’t need much when entertaining little kids.  Don’t worry if the child doesn’t have many toys or if you go somewhere and can’t bring much extra to play with.  Your imagination is sometimes

Keeping your Personal Belongings Private

private, off limits, put jewelry box away

Every household has different rules, but one rule that should be standard in every home is that the parent’s bedroom is private and off limits to the children’s friends, babysitters, or nannies. Almost everyone has personal “stuff” that they don’t

How to Change a Diaper

how to change a diaper just recently put up a new video on How to Change a Diaper on YouTube.  It is intended for new/young babysitters, so I will warn you NOT to watch this video unless you have a silly childlike sense of

How to Calm a Crying Baby

crying baby

While I’m sure I’ve posted on this subject before, I feel that I can’t cover this topic enough.  Many people get very frustrated when babies cry and so unfortunately they sometimes react by shaking the baby.  NEVER shake a baby

How to find Babysitting Jobs

Babysitter wanted ads

So you’ve taken a babysitting class, have CPR & First Aid training, and now you’re ready to babysit – but how do you find babysitting jobs? If you are 18 or older, you can sign up for free on an

Parents, Don’t Do This to Your Babysitter

don't do this to your babysitter

Please Don’t Do This to your Babysitter (or yourself!) I would love to hear from parents who allow their children to stay up until they get home when they have a babysitter.  I cannot understand why a parent would do

How to Entertain “Hyper” Kids

babysitting hyper kids

I had a reader ask me this question recently and I know she is not the only one out there with this issue.  How do you entertain hyper kids?  First of all, some kids who are perceived as hyperactive actually

What is “Television Safety?”

television safety - large television danger

Parents often purchase parental controls for their televisions and computers to help keep their kids safe from online predators or from viewing inappropriate material.  But, that’s not the type of “television safety” I’m discussing here. Typically, when new parents childproof

Choking Hazards

babysitting co-operative babysitter feeding baby

Most of the time, parents know what is best for their child compared to what a teen babysitter thinks is best.  But on more than one occasion I have seen parents give bad advice to a babysitter concerning their child. 

Baby Sound Machine – Should you use one

baby sound machine puts baby to sleep

My sister came to help me right after my first baby was born.  Between having the baby delivered by Cesarean section, being a first time mom, and having some anxiety issues due to the huge hormonal changes that had taken