Babysitter Survival Kits

The Basic Babysitter's Survival Kit

Basic Babysitter's Survival Kit

This is a complete babysitting kit that contains everything a sitter should have while on the job! It contains an appointment book, flashlight, and a first aid kit. And, it all comes in a convenient tote bag which has plenty of room to add your own books, games and other supplies!

All this for just $17.99


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The Super Sitter's Survival Kit

Super Sitter's Survival Kit

The Super Sitter's Survival Kit is everything the sitter needs and more! This kit contains a flashlight, appointment book, first aid kit, bathtub thermometer,disposable gloves, card games, and more! And it all comes in a spacious tote bag roomy enough to fit any little extras that you would like to add!*

All this for just $24.95

*(Not all items included are pictured above. Some items may differ from photo in style or appearance)


The Ultimate Babysitter's Survival Kit

Ultimate Babysitter's Survival Kit

The Ultimate Babysitter's Survival Kit is for the sitter who wants to be ready for anything! Like the other survival kits we offer, this kit contains all of the basics. In addition to everything contained in the Super Sitter's Survival Kit, this kit contains a protective table cloth for doing crafts, craft supplies, coloring books, crayons, a picnic blanket, a travel pack to bring all the necessities on an excursion, and much more!*

All this for just $139.97

*(Not all items included are pictured above. Some items may differ from photo in style or appearance)


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If you are a babysitter, nanny, or any type of child care provider, you should always arrive on the job completely prepared with one of's Babysitter Survival Kits!

If you're not a sitter but know one, the Babysitter's Survival Kit makes a great gift! We have affordable kits that include all the basics that a sitter would need on the job to kits that contain the basics plus games, crafts, picnic blankets and more.

If you are a parent and use several different babysitters, then you may want to purchase a "Super Sitter's Survival Kit" that you keep at home and take out when a sitter arrives. This will save you from having to show different sitters over and over again where the first aid kit is, the flashlight, etc. Also, when you keep the bag stored until a sitter is on duty, your children will be less likely to be bored with the crafts and games inside. You can also add your own items to this kit and even store a small fire extinguisher with it to ensure that everything the sitter should need is in one place!