Babysitting Tips

Babysitting tips

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Almost anyone can be a babysitter, but not everyone can be a “GREAT” Babysitter. When you are considered a great babysitter, you get more jobs and make more money! Our babysitting tips can help.

Here are some basic babysitting tips that will help you become a great babysitter:

  • Dress appropriately for your interview and when you go to a babysitting job. You don’t need to wear a business suit, just clean comfortable clothes. Refrain from wearing T-shirts with inappropriate words, symbols, or logos, or clothing that advertises cigarettes or alcohol.
  • Always plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for a babysitting job. If you think you might be late, call your client and let them know so that they can plan accordingly.
  • Stick to your commitment. If you agree to babysit for a client on a particular day and time, do NOT cancel unless it is absolutely necessary. They are depending on you. If you DO need to cancel, give your client as much notice as possible.
  • Another important babysitting tip is to engage the children. Play with them, read to them, do puzzles with them, make crafts with them. Be sure to interact with them. Putting kids in front of the television so you can talk on the phone or text is never a good idea.
  • Clean up after yourself! Parents have enough to do all day, they don’t want to come home from a night out and find the house a mess. Whatever toys you and the children used, put them away. If you have had a drink or snack, make sure the cups and dishes have been washed, put in the dishwasher, or at least put in the sink. Wipe up crumbs etc.

The following babysitting tips are in the form of short articles to fully explain the idea.

Make Watching Television More Than Just Sitting in Front of the TV

Never rely on the television to do your job for you. If the children choose to watch TV while you are babysitting and it is allowed by their parents, watch with them and discuss what’s going on. After the show is over, do an activity that relates to the program. For example, if the number of the day is “4” try finding things in the room that have to do with the number four. Point out items such as a picture with four corners, a bed with four posts, a stuffed animal with four paws, a sofa with four pillows, etc. You can incorporate it into snack time as well. Try giving the children four crackers with cheese or four chunks of banana.

You can talk about different scenarios from the program and have the kids dress up and act them out. This is helpful to children when a problem has been resolved in the scenario. Ask the children what else could have been done to resolve the problem.

Avoid Power Struggles by Giving Children Choices

Toddlers and even school age children often have a strong desire for control and end up in a power struggle with their parents or babysitter. Instead of forcing a child to eat all his dinner or forcing her to wear the outfit you picked out instead of the mismatched, too small, summer outfit she wants to wear in February, give the child a choice.

At meal time, you don’t need to give a child a choice of what he wants for dinner. But, if you are serving meat, a starch, and a vegetable, tell the child to pick two. Let him choose two of the three foods on his plate to eat. It is better to miss a vegetable or meat here and there than to engage in a power struggle.

When you need to leave the house in below freezing temperatures, instead of trying to force a child to wear fleece lined jeans and a sweater when she wants to wear a sleeveless sun-dress, offer a choice. Pick out three weather appropriate sets of clothes and let her choose which one to wear.

If you haven’t taken a babysitting course, you should sign up for one. But, if there aren’t any classes in your area and you don’t have any experience, consider working as a mother’s helper for a while until you gain experience.

If you are unfamiliar with the term “mother’s helper,” it means that you babysit for about half price because one or both parents are home. You play with the kids so the parents can get projects done around the house etc.

Take Time to Prepare

Before putting a baby in a carriage, high chair, baby swing, or any other “device,” be sure you can buckle and unbuckle the safety latches easily. Manufacturers continually try to improve the safety features of their baby gear. But, sometimes their “child proof” latches are “adult proof” as well! It is very upsetting when you are trying to get a crying baby out of some sort of baby seat and you cannot get the buckle undone.

Babysitting Tips – Articles

How to Stop a Baby from Crying

Babysitter Checklist – This article was directed at parents but can easily be converted to a list for babysitters. Create your own checklist from this article. Ask parents to fill it out before you babysit for them so that you have all the necessary information.