Babysitting Jobs

How to get babysitting jobs with or without experience!

How to Find Babysitting Jobs if You Do Not Have Any Experience – Many girls decide that they want to start babysitting between the ages of 11 and 14. But while this may be something they are very interested in doing, many parents may not want to hire girls of such a young age. They want babysitters with “Experience!” What these parents do not usually realize, is that girls in this age group were kids themselves not too long ago and so most really enjoy playing with children.

Unlike an older teen whose main focus might be getting the children to bed so she can talk on the phone or text with her friends or boyfriend, younger babysitters might really enjoy playing and interacting with the children.

So, how do you get babysitting jobs without experience? First of all, experience does not mean just babysitting children by yourself in a client’s home. Even babysitting younger siblings or other relatives counts as experience. Try these ideas:

  • Take a babysitting class. Check your school, the newspaper, or maybe even the internet for babysitting classes in your area. The Red Cross offers babysitting courses in many areas. Experience includes babysitting classes or courses too.
  • Accompany and older babysitter on the job. Ask an older sibling or friend that babysits if you could go with them 3 or 4 times when they are babysitting. Watch carefully and help out. Have them teach you what to do. Just be sure that they ask permission from the parent before bringing you along.
  • Another way to get experience is to work as a “Mother’s Helper” for a while first. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it means that basically you take care of the kids while one or both of the parents are at home.

You may be wondering why anyone would hire a babysitter if they were home. The reason is because often times, parents have projects to do around the house or they may even just need to cook dinner and clean up and they are unable to keep an eye on their children at the same time.

Typically, because the parent is at home, the babysitter earns about half of the regular babysitting rate for their area. If most sitters receive $10.00 per hour, then a mother’s helper would earn about $5.00 per hour.

Most often, when a mother’s helper does a good job and proves to the parents that she is responsible enough to care for the children on her own, the parents will promote her to babysitter and soon she will babysit for them for full hourly pay.

Babysitters should view being a mother’s helper as “on-the-job training” and take full advantage of the benefits. For example, most babysitting courses will teach you how to change a diaper on a doll. If you work as a mother’s helper, you may have the parent teach you how to change a diaper on their baby and you’ll be getting paid too!

  • Collect letters of reference. If you do a good job and get hired as a babysitter, ask the parents if you can use them as a reference. If they would rather not have people calling them, ask them to write you a letter of reference. It does not have to be long; just a few sentences about the type of job you do and how reliable or dependable you are. Keep these in a folder in your babysitting kit so you will have them when you apply for other babysitting jobs.

Once You Have Experience, Here is How to Find More Babysitting Jobs – Finding babysitting jobs may be easier than you think.

  • Ask your current clients for referrals. Have them give your name and number to friends or relatives that they know are also in need of a babysitter.
  • Ask about advertising in local churches and other houses of worship’s weekly bulletins or newsletters.
  • If you are at least 18, sign up with online babysitting services. Click the link below and sign up today!

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  • Make a flier. If you have taken a babysitting course or have babysitting experience, the first thing most babysitters do is to make a flier. Include information such as your name, your availability, your phone number and the fact that you have experience.

Be sure your parents are aware that you are posting these fliers and have them either screen calls that come in for you and/or go along to the babysitting interview with you.

Hang the fliers in places where you would find parents of small children such as dance schools, gymnastics centers, indoor play facilities, daycare centers that do not offer night and/or weekend care, grocery stores, libraries, skating rinks, martial arts schools and any other schools that have classes for young children. Always ask permission before posting a flier or business card.

You might also consider passing out fliers or business cards to parents at local playgrounds.