Just as household rules vary from family to family, so do bedtime routines, mealtimes, and appropriate television viewing. Leaving a babysitter checklist for your sitter that includes any information she may need is a great idea. Review it each time you hire a babysitter, update it if necessary, and print a new copy if changes were made.

Having a babysitter checklist will prevent you from forgetting to give the babysitter all the necessary information. Here are some ideas for what type of information to include on your list.

This may seem like an awful lot of information, but if you keep a copy of the list on a desk or taped inside a cabinet door, the sitter will always have any information she might need. And, if you keep a copy of it on your computer, it will be simple to update.

Whenever you have a new sitter, review the information with her first, in case some of the instructions are unclear to her. Instructions that may seem very clear to one person can be totally confusing to another.

Having this information on a babysitter checklist readily available to your babysitter will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly in your absence and that each babysitting experience will be pleasurable for all involved.

Take note if your babysitter has questions for you after babysitting, you may need to add some information to your Babysitter Checklist. Chances are, if one sitter asks a question, others may be looking for the same answers.

Babysitter Checklist

This babysitter checklist includes all the information to leave with your babysitter or child care provider in addition to emergency phone numbers.

babysitter checklist
Babysitter checklist
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babysitter checklist

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babysitter checklist