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Ready to post a Babysitter Wanted ad?

The last time I posted a “Babysitter Wanted” ad at the local high school, I received only one response. Finding a babysitter was harder than I thought. At least the girl that responded to the ad was nice and friendly. I wish I had known then what I know now. If I had, I would have conducted a full interview and asked for references even for just that one potential sitter.

Although she seemed nice and my kids really liked her, she was not the type of babysitter I had in mind when I posted my “babysitter wanted” ad. I told her up front that I did not allow my sitters to have friends over. I suppose this babysitter wanted to follow her own rules. After just the fourth or fifth time she babysat, I came home to find her in bed with her boyfriend.

I guess I would not expect any of the sitter’s references (if she had any) to warn me about anything like that, because if she had done that at another client’s house and had gotten caught, she probably wouldn’t be giving that person’s name as a reference. But, my thought is that if a babysitter crossed the line that far, then she had probably made some other mistakes somewhere along the way. If she did, then hopefully one of her references might have mentioned it. That may have sent up a red flag and perhaps I would not have hired her.

If you want to find a babysitter that is really great, you have to do a little more work than simply asking people if they babysit (which was customary when I was a kid). Parents can either put a “babysitter wanted” ad in the newspaper and/or put up “Baby Sitter Needed” flyers at the local high school, library, dance school, etc. or check out the online babysitting services and either post a job, or view all potential babysitters in their area and call the ones that appear to be a good match.

Online babysitting services offer a lot more information than a newspaper ad. They typically include

  • photographs
  • babysitter’s age
  • level of experience
  • range of expected pay rate
  • short biography
  • some even have background checks, comments from other parents, and more!

A “babysitter wanted” flyer may get responses from some people who are looking for any type of job. But when you go through a babysitting service, you connect with people who are specifically interested in child care.

View all the babysitters available in your area. Pick several that match your needs. Narrow your search. Then interview the ones that are left. It is a really good idea to find two or three babysitters so that if one cancels or gets sick, you always have a back-up. Find a babysitter from the comfort of your own home. Fill in your zip code below and take a look for free at who could be your next babysitter!

When searching for a babysitter or nanny, keep your standards high, your children are worth it!!!

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