Babysitter Checklist

babysitter checklist

This Babysitter Checklist includes all the information to leave with your babysitter.

Just as household rules vary from family to family, so do bedtime routines, mealtimes, and appropriate television viewing. Leaving a babysitter checklist for your sitter that includes any information she may need is a great idea. Review it each time you hire a babysitter, update it if necessary, and print a new copy if changes were made.

Having a babysitter checklist will prevent you from forgetting to give the babysitter all the necessary information. Here are some ideas for what type of information to include on your list.

  • If it is daytime, list who the children are allowed to play with. Include whether or not they are allowed to play in your house or at their friend’s house. If they are allowed to play outside, specify their boundaries and what time they need to be home.
  • Emergency telephone numbers, parent’s cell phone numbers, neighbor and/or relatives numbers are a must to have on the babysitter checklist. Put your address on the list as well in case the babysitter needs to provide it to emergency personnel. Include the toll free number for poison control in the United States: 1-800-222-1222
  • Let the sitter know if she should answer the telephone or let the answering machine answer calls. If you prefer your machine to take messages and it answers silently, be sure the sitter has a cell phone or you have some way of contacting her if you want to check in.
  • Your child care checklist should include your preferred method of discipline (always excluding corporal punishment).
  • Rules for telephone and computer usage for both the children and the babysitter should be made clear.
  • Appropriate television viewing should be outlined if allowed. Include channels the children are allowed to watch, movies that are acceptable, and amount of time the children are allowed to watch TV.
  • Most families have a different arrangement of audio and video equipment and many have two or three remote controls. Leaving instructions for how to work your television and related equipment would be very helpful for the babysitter.
  • List meal times, snack times, what are appropriate snacks, number of snacks allowed, and any food allergies. Also, which rooms, if any, the children are allowed to eat in. These are helpful pieces of information for the babysitter to have as well.
  • Include which rooms, if any, are off limits. Prohibited areas such as the parent’s bedroom or a formal living room should be included on the babysitter checklist.
  • Other helpful information to put on the child care checklist is what time each child goes to bed. Specify bedtime routines, security items children take to bed, and whether or not children need assistance brushing their teeth. You should also include a list of vitamins or fluoride tablets that are taken before bed if any. Indicate where the children are allowed to sleep (some children occasionally sleep with their siblings). Also, add any problems with enuresis (bed-wetting).
  • Let the babysitter know whether or not she is allowed to have friends accompany her.
  • Be sure to include where the flashlight and first aid kit is kept. List the location of anything else you think she may need such as bug spray or sun block.
  • If you have a pool, let the sitter know whether or not the children will be allowed to swim in it when you are not home. List any other rules pertaining to using the pool on your babysitter checklist.
  • If you have any appliances that the sitter may need to use (for example a microwave or convection oven), leave instructions on how to use them.
  • Is the babysitter allowed to adjust the heat or air conditioning? If so, leave instructions for temperature limits and how to adjust the thermostat if it is not a simple dial.
  • Let the babysitter know if she is allowed to sleep once the children fall asleep if you are going to be out late.
  • If your home has an alarm or security system, leave instructions on how to use it. Also, show the sitter how to turn it on or off.
  • Remember to leave explicit instructions for medications if any of the children are ill or take medications on a regular basis.
  • Anything to do with pets should also be addressed on the child care checklist. Mention whether or not they can be let outside or taken out of their cages. Specify what treats they can be fed, and whether or not the children can hold them.

Tips for Keeping the Checklist

This may seem like an awful lot of information, but if you keep a copy of the list on a desk or taped inside a cabinet door, the sitter will always have any information she might need. And, if you keep a copy of it on your computer, it will be simple to update. Whenever you have a new sitter, review the information with her first, in case some of the instructions are unclear to her. Instructions that may seem very clear to one person can be totally confusing to another.

Having this information on a babysitting checklist readily available to your babysitter will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly in your absence. It will also ensure that each babysitting experience will be pleasurable for all involved. If you have purchased a Babysitting Survival Kit or have one of your own, keep a printed version of the babysitting checklist in there as well.

Take note if your babysitter has questions for you after babysitting, you may need to add some information to your Babysitter Checklist. Chances are, if one sitter asks a question, others may be looking for the same answers.