Help to Keep Your Children Safe!!!

Here Are Some Other Types of Resources That Can Help You To Protect Your Children!


"Protecting the Gift" (Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe and Parents Sane) Written by Gavin deBecker, "security guru to the stars" is a must read for all parents! Learn what deBecker has to say about what you can do to help protect your children. Click on the icon on the right hand side of the page to read editorial reviews and order your copy now!

Parental Controls for Your PC

Do you know what sites your children have been visiting on the web? The world wide web can be an amazing learning tool, but it can also be very dangerous if children are visiting inappropriate sites or chatting with strangers. Click Here! to find out how you can monitor where your children have been on the internet and in turn, help protect them.

Hidden Cameras

Have you ever heard of a "nanny cam?" If so, have you ever considered using one? Some nanny cams can be purchased for under $99.00. They are usually disguised as a teddy bear, an alarm clock, or even a coat hook. Some are just tiny cameras that can be hidden in a toy, decoration, or almost anything else you choose. Help to keep your children safe by monitoring what happens when you are not at home. Be sure that your babysitter or nanny is everything you hoped she would be. See your home LIVE on the internet - Watch your kids and nanny interact while you are at work!Click on the link below and check out all of the options for a must-have Nanny Cam today!



Cyber tip line
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One of the most important developments in recent years for helping people to protect their older children has to be GPS Tracking. Although it may seem a little like "Big Brother" is watching, it can be a priceless tool for parents to keep track of their children's whereabouts. Accutracking can be used to keep track of your children by means of tracking their cell phones, or by tracking their vehicles. Accutracking can alert you via e-mail or SMS alert when your child goes beyond a designated area or when their vehicle exceeds a speed limit.

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