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Looking for Babysitting Jobs or Nanny Positions?

Look no further! Believe it or not, there are parents and guardians right in your own town or maybe even right in your neighborhood looking for babysitters and nannies just as much as you're looking for a babysitting job! Here are some places you can advertise:

Don't Go Babysitting Unprepared!

Look professional by showing up at your next babysitting job fully prepared with all your own "tools." Purchase a Super Sitter's Survival Kit from or make your own! Our kit comes complete with a first aid kit, bathtub thermometer, appointment book, pen, disposeable gloves, flashlight, card games, etc. and it comes in a sturdy zippered tote bag with plenty of room to add your own items.

Throw in some children's books, a puzzle or two, paper and crayons, and maybe a sweater for yourself if you tend to get cold at night and you will be fully prepared to tackle any babysitting job.


Babysitter Tips

See Free babysitting tips here, or check out our Blog!


Babysitter Classes

Babysitting classes and courses are so important for the new sitter. If you don't have experience, you may find it tough at first to get anyone to hire you. Even if you do have experience, a little extra training will impress your potential clients. Babysitter training is not just about safely holding and caring for infants, but also includes clever ways for dealing with bad behavior, sibling rivalry, children's fears, potty training etc.

Now you can get certified in CPR online! You don't have to wait for a class to be taught in your area and you don't have to travel to a training center. You can get certified in CPR right from your own home. Check out ExpertRating Online Skills Certifications and take an online CPR class today. Most parents prefer a babysitter with CPR training, so register now and get your CPR certification today!



Babysitter Jobs and Nanny Jobs in Massachusetts

There are some agencies that service only particular areas because they meet all potential sitters and/or nannies in person for a personal, in-depth interview in addition to doing a background and reference check. In the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, Parents in a Pinch is probably the largest and most well known agency with a phenomenal reputation. If you are looking for a babysitter or nanny position in this area, check out

On the South Shore of Massachusetts, another fabulous agency is Professional Sitters Referral Svcs. Inc. This agency also refers occaisional sitters as well as full-time nannies. To apply as a babysitter or nanny please contact Peggy Marshall at 781-582-1691 to schedule an interview. See them on the web at


References for Babysitters and Nannies


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Check out the video above for some simple but important Babysitting Tips!
Super Sitter's Survival Kit
Arrive prepared with a Super Sitter's Survival Kit from

Now there are additional opportunities with's Care-on-Call service. With this service, parents can broadcast a message to all available sitters in their area when their babysitter or nanny cancels and they need a replacement in a hurry.

If you respond quickly, you are hired, and you do a fabulous job, perhaps you will be that family's new sitter, or at least get a great reference from them to aid you in getting a new babysitting client!

Sign up at today!

babysitting tips
The above video gives tips on how a babysitter should and should NOT act during an interview!
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Find out where to find babysitting or nanny jobs, find out what you can do to look professional, find out how to get experience and where to take babysitting classes.

Also, visit our "babysitter tips" page and our blog for more free info!

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